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Saying Yes to The Great Reveal……we are witness to unprecedented global turmoil and collective disharmony with wide waves of impact, personally, socially, politically, and economically.
While what we see outside is heartbreaking, the Truth is that polarized, divisive behaviors are rooted in our own conditioning. We must look within…..say yes to the personal work to tend the heart that is breaking open……until we address the root of the root we will continue to suffer and riot on……

May we collectively rise to a politics of deep solidarity rooted in love
May we reconnect with Stillness at the center of the storm
May we discover the wellspring of Divine Love within
The Change we are seeking outwardly will only manifest when we look inward ~ “it’s an inside job”
Nothing/No one is outside of Love,….

Bhakti and Karma yoga are wisdom sadhanas that break unconscious patterns of reactivity while growing our capacity for unitive consciousness. These timeless teachings offer powerful stability in destabilizing times……gathering in Satsang (virtually), devotional practices, seva, reading sacred texts and inspirational stories  of great beings, self- reflection, meditation, and asana, support the heart’s Remembering so we don’t get lost in the struggles. Right action arises, through the harmony of Grace and Effort.

May we collectively cultivate strong, clear, awakening hearts  …….
To Love Each Other we must discover to the Love that we are

Hari OM Tat Sat Hari OM
"May the entire universe be blessed with peace and good hope. May everyone driven by envy and enmity become pacified and reconciled. May all living beings develop abiding concern for the welfare of others. May our own hearts and minds be filled with purity and serenity. May all these blessings flow naturally from this supreme benediction: May our attention become spontaneously absorbed in the rapture of pure love unto the transcendent Lord."
Srimad Bhagavatam 5.18.9

It is our responsibility to fully show up, to keep our hearts open to Grace. The deepest kindness we can offer each other is to Awaken.

The deepest kindness we can offer each other is to Awaken. 

Devoted ~ Rose Ma



*Bring a book/take a book~ a BOOK EXCHANGE Basket is in the main hall. Yoga Nidra and Meditaiton CDs currently available (currently suspended)

 June  2020

The Bhakti Butterfly House!

Opportunities to Gather 
Mark these dates on your calendar ~ see below for Zoom links or check out

**All in person satang gatherings are suspended**

You are invited to join me for virtual satsang via Zoom. Conference calls are arranged for all satsangs through April. Please see the links in the notes below.  *Download the free Zoom app at
There is a boon to this virtual venue, those who are miles away and unable to attend in person, may now join us without the limits of 3D distance…..remembering~ the heart knows no distance!

Take Refuge In Love Satsang
Every evening at 7pm et
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 965 121 342
Password: 927307
Morning Chalisa Satsang
Every morning, Monday - Saturday, at 7am et
Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 779 8018 1164
Password: Hanuman2.0

Sunday Chalisa Satsang
Every Sunday at 11am et
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Meeting ID: 384 002 319
Password: 588563

Seva Donations gratefully accepted on at



**RamDass Fellowship Satsang**suspended

Join the Lilas of The Ram Dass, enjoy an evening of teachings, meditation, and deepening into The Bhava of Loving Awareness with satsang family. Please bring a dish of vegetarian fare (prasad) to share for potluck ~
An RSVP by email is requested.



Om Namo Bhagavate Maheswara Annapurna Swaha
Annapurna's Kitchen kitcheri!

Rose Ma is preparing Kitcheri  with love, mantra and ayurvedic principles in The Butterfly kitchen.
Quarts of Nourishing Kitcheri will be available for porch pickups.
~ Preorders Required~ at this email only
limited quantities available, dates and details will be announced in response to your confirmed email preorder.

Please Note ! All safety precautions will be observed.
Pay as you can 
suggested seva $6-$8 per quart
Free if you need it to be
This offering will be repeated as supplies allow. If you have the means to support supplies for our kitchen,
Seva donations are gratefully accepted at (send money gift to a friend)
or you may bring cash to the porch.
Jai Annapurna ~*~
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Private Sessions ~ Satsang with Rose Ma

Are you called to sit close in, to discover Stillness, to meet That which is Unchanging? Are you called to strengthen your relationship with the inner Self, to develop your personal practices, to open to the secrets of the sutras and listen deeply to what makes your heart sing ?…. I invite you to sit with me, take time to steep in the wisdom teachings of the ancient sutras as well as direct experience….open your heart to the tantric lessons of the ancient sages……Please email to arrange a time to meet by phone.

New Offering ~ Answering a Call for Ancestor Satsangs

The wisdom keepers of our lineages are longing to share vibrant heart communications to support Awakening Consciousness. Small group satsangs are organizing for those who wish to open to quantum conversations with ancestors beyond the veils.
Are you interested in attending a small group reading session to honor the ancestors?

Dates for 2020  to be announced

A seva donation ($108 - $150 suggested) is required one week prior to the satsang you plan to attend~ this will confirm your seat, note your commitment and begin to call your ancestors to the circle.

Please email to arrange your seat and receive further details

Namah Shivaya ~ Rose Ma