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The Divine Mother's Benevolence

~The essence of Yoga is a practice/sadhana of self -offering. Thought patterns and attachments become unearthed, like old bones, and are brought to the altar of Truth. Reading sacred texts assists the heart and mind to directly experience pure transformation. A sutra from the Divine Mother’s wisdom teachings in Durga Saptashati declares The Divine Mother as “so benevolent that She thinks for the welfare of even Her enemies”…..  even demons become allies”. Offering all of our difficulties/samskaras to Her altar develops Faith/Shraddha…… one by one difficulties may be consumed in the flames of Grace. Leading us to discover the radiance, brilliance and pure vastness of the Boundless Self.

The deepest kindness we can offer each other is to Awaken.
Devoted ~ Rose Ma

*Secrets of the Heart ~ A Weekend Retreat*

Come, sit close IN LOVE,
a three day immersion to engage the Heart’s Rhythms of Stillness.
Attend one, two or all three satsang gatherings:
February 14,15 &16.
Discover the Sweetness of Self through
meditation, wisdom teachings and kirtan.

email for details and to rsvp
Jai Lakshmi ~ Ganesha OM ~The Unschool Satsang is now listed on, join now to connect with our growing community of beloveds and check out the schedule. f

*Bring a book/take a book~ a BOOK EXCHANGE Basket is in the main hall. Check it out.

 February 2020

at the Bhakti Butterfly House!

Opportunities to Gather At The Butterfly
Mark these dates on your calendar

Satsang every
Sunday at 11am
Friday at 7:00-8:30 pm

Suggested seva for each satsang is $15 - $50
Offering The Hanuman Chalisa, meditation, and wisdom teachings followed by tea /prasad.

Offering meditation and wisdom teachings

* Kirtan on last Friday of each month
February 28th

**Dharma Talks ~ first Friday of each month ~
February 7th
New offering ~ The format of movie nights is shifting. Beginning in February, on the First Friday of each month, we will be sharing a Dharma Talks series. Satsang will begin with a video clip from a renowned wisdom teacher(s), followed by meditation and contemplative discussions……please plan to join us as we open our perspectives to unbounded possibilities


**RamDass Fellowship Satsang** ~
Saturday, February 15th , 4-6pm
This Month we will show "Becoming Nobody"
( the film begins at 4:45 )
join the Lilas of The Ram Dass, enjoy an evening of teachings, meditation, and deepening into The Bhava of Loving Awareness. Please bring a dish of vegetarian fare (prasad) to share for potluck
An RSVP by email is requested.


**Sacred Shakti circle ~ a gathering for women
Are you longing to bust through shadow beliefs?
break through cultural taboos and self-limiting thoughts?
change the template of feminine expression?

We welcome you to explore the secrets of feminine embodiment. Sit with your own bad self in the company of women longing for sacred harmony.

March 21st, 1-4 pm
at The Bhakti Butterlfy House

Suggested Seva ~ $35
A sliding scale of seva is available to meet all who wish to attend. While attending one or more of the mini sessions is possible, making a commitment to attending all of the sessions offered will deepen your personal experience as well as enhance our collective experiences.

This is an inclusive gathering for anyone who identifies as a woman between the ages of 13 - 113.

The pulse of this gathering has been calling for some time, and we are very excited to meet Shakti Rising. Stephanie Law, with Rose Ma by her side, is stepping into these deep waters to facilitate this Sacred Circle. Stephanie has danced and mentored closely with Rose Ma since 2005.

Please rsvp or ask questions of Stephanie at

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Private Sessions ~ Satsang with Rose Ma

Are you called to sit close in, to discover Stillness, to meet That which is Unchanging? Are you called to strengthen your relationship with the inner Self, to develop your personal practices, to open to the secrets of the sutras and listen deeply to what makes your heart sing ?…. I invite you to sit with me, take time to steep in the wisdom teachings of the ancient sutras as well as direct experience….open your heart to the tantric lessons of the ancient sages……Please email to arrange a time to meet at The Butterfly or by phone.

New Offering ~ Answering a Call for Ancestor Satsangs

The wisdom keepers of our lineages are longing to share vibrant heart communications to support Awakening Consciousness. Small group satsangs are organizing for those who wish to open to quantum conversations with ancestors beyond the veils.
Are you interested in attending a small group reading session to honor the ancestors?

Dates for 2020  to be announced

A seva donation ($108 - $150 suggested) is required one week prior to the satsang you plan to attend~ this will confirm your seat, note your commitment and begin to call your ancestors to the circle.

Please email to arrange your seat and receive further details

Namah Shivaya ~ Rose Ma